Pindos Outdoor & Kayak Festival 2017

3rd Pindos Outdoor & Kayak Festival will take place in Plaka, Greece from November 4th to 11th. Whitewater and sea kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, breath-taking trekking trails and cultural excursions – the Via Natura Camp is the center for all kind of outdoor activities. Welcome dinner and camp fire in the night, photo screenings and a live concert. Amazing food and local spirits. Join us to enjoy Greek autumn in all its colors!

Only few paddlers got aware of this: Greek autumn is the perfect travel season for outdoor vacation and active holiday. The heat of the summer has vanished, crystale clear autumn air and crazy colored leaves entering the stage of nature. Bright sunny days with 20 degrees interspersed by few rainy days turning the rivers into Greek kayak playgrounds.

The put-in at the Via Natura Kayak Camp, end of October. | Foto: Salome Fritz

Summer 2015 an idea was born: Based on the recently opened Via Natura Campsite, the Pindos Outdoor & Kayak Festival invites sportmen and outdoor lovers from all over Europe to find out what Greece has to offer in the autumn season. For one week – from 4th till 11th of November – the Pindos Outdoor & Kayak Festival hosts old and new friends in the small village of Plaka at the riverside of the blue Arachthos river.

Yes, there is water!

There will be enough water to paddle – even if there is no rain: Thanks to a power plant release in the headwaters, from Milky Way downstream the river is runnable the whole year through. The Via Natura Camp is located in middle of this section directly at the river bank. At low water levels the rapids of the Arachthos are turning into boulder parks. The boulder-slalom-course is peppered with perfect waves for surfing – a dream for playboaters and down-river-cruisers.

Tiny playwave in the Skoupa section. | Foto: Panos

Once the autumn rains bring additional water, the surrounding rivers awake to life: Acheron, Acheloos, Kalaritikos and Voidomatis are beautiful daytrip destinations.

Cold weather in November? No way, dudes! | Foto: Panos

Outdoordirekt and Toros Outdoors, two kayak schools operating in Greece for many years, bring whitewater kayaks to the festival. And more than that, Christian and Nadja from Outdoordirekt got a bunch of sea kayaks on the trailer. The perfect chance to get wet and salty in the Ionian Sea which is just two hours from Plaka. Even beginners have the possibility to explore the fantastic coastlines under the eyes of experienced kayak trainers.

Trekking, mountain biking, cultural trips – active holiday at its best
For sure Greece has to offer much more for outdoor lovers than only canoe and kayak: After all these hot summer days the vegetation is enlightened by vivid autumn colors. The Tzoumerka mountain range is perfect for short walks and extended hikes. More and more trails are being marked. Only recently the first guesthouses for hikers opened in one of the high perched mountain villages.

Lonesome ascent to Katafidi peak. | Foto: Salome Fritz

For adrenalin addicts in fact Plaka is the natural downhill-base of the Tzoumerka mountain range. From up to 2000 meters trails descenting to the camp at 300 meters above sea level. The shuttle service of Nikos not only brings kayaks to the river, but also your bikes to the desired starting point.

Bike’n’Boat: An MTB trail runs along the river down to Skoupa bridge. | Foto: Christian Zicke

Looking for relax time and the comfort of a hotel? In the Hotel-Restaurant Teloneio – only 5 minutes from the campsite – your hosts Nikos and Marina Manthos let you experience what real treat in Greece is like. Each of the exclusively furnished rooms comes with an open fireplace and an exquisite interieur. In the lobby the crackling fire brings people together. The culinary delights served at big tables set the taste of a great holiday. In the Arachthos valley sports and relaxation go hand in hand.

Hospitality, Haute Cuisine, Happy People. | Foto: Salome Fritz
Hospitality, Haute Cuisine, Happy People. | Foto: Salome Fritz

The program
The motto of the Pindos Outdoor & Kayak Festival is: Paddling, Mountains, Relaxation! The participants themselves can choose each day what to do. The guides and outdoor experts are at the spot with their knowledge and equipment. Guided tours on the riveres as well as sea kayaking tours are offered. According to the water levels destinations are usually set nearby. Persons who are not able to kayak will have the chance to experience the mighty Arachtos Canyon by raft.

Joy in front of huge concrete walls. Acheloos below giant Mesochora Dam. | Foto: Nikos Manthos

Logistics and accommodation

Nearby airports are Thessaloniki and Korfu. Airport shuttles for groups will be arranged. Single travelers take the KTEL public bus to Ioannina (30 € one way). Another option is a rental car (25 € /day) which keeps you mobile also on the festival. You may ask us for advice in booking flights, ferries, bus or rental car.

The Festival packages include eight nights at Via Natura Kayak Camp. The ones who prefer the nearby hotel, takes profit of a special festival price at Hotel Telonneio. For bookings please get in touch with Nikos and Marina.

The Festival Packages

In 2017 you can choose between two Festival Packages.

The Full Package (300 €) :

  • 8 nights at the Via Natura Kayak Camp
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Festival Hat
  • Free Entry to the life concert at Nov 11th
  • Daily guided tours on the river or bike/hike

The Basic Package (150 €)

  • 8 nights at the Via Natura Kayak Camp
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Festival Hat
  • Free Entry to the life concert at Nov 11th

The Full Package provides outdoor sport services and guided tours while ensuring a fair payment of the guides. The Basic Package is designed for festival visitors with a small budget who organize their activities themselves. There are no guided tours included in the Basic Package. The evening programme is included in both packages. There will be additional logistics costs for the daily tours (5 to 15 € /day) which are calculated day by day. It is possible to rent kayak, paddle and even the full equipment for the whole week (kayak + paddle 100 €) or single days (kayak + paddle 25 €).

Sorry guys! It’s not possible to book the Full Package just for a single day. Please note that future editions of the Pindos Festival depend on a financially solid base. We will be happy to enjoy your company on the river and in the mountains. If you would like to take part in the guided tours please book the Full Package.

The registration

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